Here’s what it’s like to live at home after college

I’m currently living a very interesting part of my life that’s made for some good stories, bad nights and embarrassing conversation. But, as I’ve learned in life, it’s important to take the good with the bad, learn from the worst and all that bullshit. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The Pros & Cons of Living at Home Post-College
(as told by a bitter post-grad who is still not salaried)


“Saving” Money
I”m not sure what I’m doing is called saving money. Sure, I’m not paying rent, utilities or cable, but I’m still paying for a lot of stuff I can’t afford without a salary. But, after all, not having a salary is why I’m still here. I’m waiting for an internship to turn into a full time job (as I was promised) and until then I’m stuck living in the bedroom I donned my first training bra in.


My Stuff Gets Thrown Out
My parents are nothing like college roommates. They may know how to keep up a house and pay a mortgage, but they are absolutely 100% terrible at respecting my belongings. I kid you not, one night I came home to find my sheets in trash bags. MY SHEETS. They were safe and sound at school with me all four years and I had to rescue them from a trash bag a month later.

I Still Have to Cook for Myself
My parents have a tendency to not come home sometimes and not call or give any warning about it either. So I still cook for myself pretty regularly, which I have no problem with. What I have a problem with is, when I do cook for myself, my leftovers get thrown out the next day. OR…my unused ingredients get used by my parents without permission.

I Have No Social Life
Living at home means living 30 minutes away from my friends (minimum). So I can’t do anything fun until the weekends. I’m used to partaking in social experiences on most weeknights, and now I feel like I’m in high school again. Only there’s no homework to do, so I’m even more bored after work. And of course, no social life means no dating. So…yeah.

I Am Not Happy
I literally hate everything about living at home. I feel like I’ve lost all the independence I gained when I was in college. My parents annoy me, my room annoys me, the suburbs annoy me. I am used to being on my own and I’d like it to continue that way. Not like this. This is terrible.



Nicki Did it Better

Thank god for this woman. Watching this video reminded me I have a lot of things to say about “All About That Bass,” besides the fact that I’m sick of hearing it every 20 minutes on the radio.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, her parody cover of the song basically takes the few positive lines from Trainor’s lyrics and elaborates on them, telling girls not to worry about their body shape at all, bass or no bass. And to this I say amen, because I’ve had issues with the song since I first heard it.

First of all…what exactly is Trainor referring to when she says treble? Obviously bass refers to your butt, buns, backside, booty, whatever you want to call it. Does this imply treble means boobs? Or does it mean “a lack of butt?” I’m confused. So are many others. Please explain, Trainor.

I AM a size 2…
Ok, I’m not. But what if I were? Being a size 4 isn’t much better, so I am kind of offended that Trainor thinks being small is not cool. Like #sorrynotsorry that I’m short and my mom is short and I have her build, so I’m naturally petite and don’t have a lot of “bass.” I didn’t ask for this body type. Neither did anyone who is 5’7″ or 6’3″. We were born this way, baby. So what’s the problem with small?

“Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”
Two things here. Is MT saying I should only worry about what boys think of my body? Because last time I checked I should be the one happiest in my skin, boys still like girls with small butts, and girls can be lesbians. So that negates pretty much everything this line had to offer. Second, who said I’m going to let a dude hold my butt all night? Even with a boyfriend I would not want him sleeping next to me and grabbing hold of my ass, so I can’t imagine what this line would imply for single women who may not even be in bed with their suitor or potential mate.

“I know you think you’re fat.”
HOLD UP. She just stereotyped every “skinny” girl based on the few of us who find some way to claim we are fat when we’re obviously not. People on reality TV shows do this, a few people in real life do this, but I think most skinny people don’t. No one would jokingly say they felt fat if they actually did. I know I’m skinny. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. But don’t label me as insecure just because you used to be.

In general, I get the message MT is trying to send. She wants the curvy girls to feel sexy in their curvy skin. I just wish she wouldn’t have bashed the petite population (or worse, the newly slim and trim population that worked incredibly hard to lose weight to be healthy) along the way.

IMO, Nicki Minaj made the same point, although admittedly in a more vulgar fashion, with “Anaconda,” which was released shortly after “All About that Bass.” And Nicki said it better. You want to be proud of your butt? Go for it. Sing about it until your lungs collapse. Just keep in mind insulting other people along the way is a sign of weakness, and Nicki’s got none of that.


One of my favorite things I got out of 2013 was my new-found love for yoga. I started going to free yoga classes at the gym on campus and now I wish I could go to yoga every morning. I never really understood the big deal about yoga until I started going and realized how much you actually work your body during a 50 minute yoga class. To a casual passerby, it looks like these yogis aren’t doing anything in terms of staying fit and losing weight, but they are! You just have to experience it to find out.

Take a look at some of the health benefits yoga provides (besides the obvious de-stresser). You may be surprised!

  • Improved posture, balance, strength and flexibility
  • Better blood circulation and lower heart rate
  • Improved breathing
  • Healthier joints and bones
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Easier relaxation and peace of mind
  • Cheers you up!

Yoga Journal is great website to use to start practicing yoga on your own or to learn more poses outside of class. You can build your own yoga sequences to follow in your routine and take a 21 day yoga challenge among many other things. Check it out and give yoga a try if you haven’t already. Namaste!


Until I found yurbuds, I thought I’d never find a solution to my problem of headphones always falling out of my ears. When I’m working out, when the wind is blowing, when I’m walking around campus…my headphones and just did not agree. I used to use a cheap pair of Sony headphones with the little foamy things over the earbuds (without those they would fall out even MORE easily). But when I went on a Google trek to solve my problem, I figured I’d give yurbuds a try, because they claim to never fall out.

So far, so good. I got a navy pair for Christmas and have been using them during my workouts since. They haven’t fallen out yet, and I run with them, do squats and sit-ups with them, etc. Here’s how they’re different:

Unique Shape with Ear Tunnel: yurbuds aren’t just circular earbuds you stick in your ear. They have a tunnel that fits into your ear canal when you twist the earbud into place, locking it into your ear more securely.

Different Sizes: yurbuds come in different earbud sizes for men and women, and in those categories they come in a large size and a smaller one for people with different sized ears.

Designed by Athletes: I think we can trust athletes to know how their bodies move with earbuds when they are working out, so it makes sense that athletes designed a headphone that stays in no matter what kind of movements you’re doing.

Flexible Silicone Material: yurbuds are not made of slippery plastic like some headphones are. They are made of soft silicone that shapes to your ear and adds comfort to your earbuds.

If  you have headphone problems like I did, I strongly suggest getting a pair of these. Whether or not you work out regularly, yurbuds stay in your ear a lot better than plain old round, plastic earbuds. You can find them in stores like Target and Best Buy for about $30.

Christmas Lights :)

I have this odd obsession with Christmas lights year-round. But now that the holiday season is approaching, I can finally fit in!

Honestly though, I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I could fill an entire Pinterest board with pins of other people’s Christmas lights they have strung throughout their homes (when it’s clearly not Christmas time). There’s just something about Christmas lights, whether they’re multicolored or not, that make a room feel warm and cozy. I would choose that type of lighting over a regular lamp any day.

So, whether you want to get in the holiday spirit or just get some new deco ideas, here are some cool ideas to string Christmas lights in your room:



Ever go for a run and feel like you worked your ass off, but are unsure of how far you even ran? What if all the sweating was only from half a mile? If you ran on a road, no problem, you could drive the route later and get a pretty good idea on mileage. But if it was a trail, you’re kinda stuck.

I had this problem and started Googling to solve it (as usual) and I found MapMyRun. And I LOVE this app.

If you’ve had my problem, or if you’ve had problems with other apps tracking your miles correctly, switch to MapMyRun. You can actually go on the MapMyRun website and map out a route you take by street or trail and the site/app will save it for you. Using the map shows you how far you ran and it will help the app track you better if you choose one of your previously used routes in the app before running it again.

It works the same as most other running apps, like Nike+. You can listen to any music you like, turn on/off the voice that encourages you and tells you how far you’ve gone in a certain amount of time.  You can also track your meals in the Nutrition section which is a plus. I don’t use this part (mainly because I’m too lazy), but it’s still nice to know I have the option of tracking my runs and meals in the same app.

Bottom line: if you’re a runner using a different app, you might want to try this one. If you think yours is better, please share! And if you’re not a runner, go download this app and get running. Your body will thank you later 🙂