Until I found yurbuds, I thought I’d never find a solution to my problem of headphones always falling out of my ears. When I’m working out, when the wind is blowing, when I’m walking around campus…my headphones and just did not agree. I used to use a cheap pair of Sony headphones with the little foamy things over the earbuds (without those they would fall out even MORE easily). But when I went on a Google trek to solve my problem, I figured I’d give yurbuds a try, because they claim to never fall out.

So far, so good. I got a navy pair for Christmas and have been using them during my workouts since. They haven’t fallen out yet, and I run with them, do squats and sit-ups with them, etc. Here’s how they’re different:

Unique Shape with Ear Tunnel: yurbuds aren’t just circular earbuds you stick in your ear. They have a tunnel that fits into your ear canal when you twist the earbud into place, locking it into your ear more securely.

Different Sizes: yurbuds come in different earbud sizes for men and women, and in those categories they come in a large size and a smaller one for people with different sized ears.

Designed by Athletes: I think we can trust athletes to know how their bodies move with earbuds when they are working out, so it makes sense that athletes designed a headphone that stays in no matter what kind of movements you’re doing.

Flexible Silicone Material: yurbuds are not made of slippery plastic like some headphones are. They are made of soft silicone that shapes to your ear and adds comfort to your earbuds.

If  you have headphone problems like I did, I strongly suggest getting a pair of these. Whether or not you work out regularly, yurbuds stay in your ear a lot better than plain old round, plastic earbuds. You can find them in stores like Target and Best Buy for about $30.