Christmas Lights :)

I have this odd obsession with Christmas lights year-round. But now that the holiday season is approaching, I can finally fit in!

Honestly though, I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I could fill an entire Pinterest board with pins of other people’s Christmas lights they have strung throughout their homes (when it’s clearly not Christmas time). There’s just something about Christmas lights, whether they’re multicolored or not, that make a room feel warm and cozy. I would choose that type of lighting over a regular lamp any day.

So, whether you want to get in the holiday spirit or just get some new deco ideas, here are some cool ideas to string Christmas lights in your room:




Ever go for a run and feel like you worked your ass off, but are unsure of how far you even ran? What if all the sweating was only from half a mile? If you ran on a road, no problem, you could drive the route later and get a pretty good idea on mileage. But if it was a trail, you’re kinda stuck.

I had this problem and started Googling to solve it (as usual) and I found MapMyRun. And I LOVE this app.

If you’ve had my problem, or if you’ve had problems with other apps tracking your miles correctly, switch to MapMyRun. You can actually go on the MapMyRun website and map out a route you take by street or trail and the site/app will save it for you. Using the map shows you how far you ran and it will help the app track you better if you choose one of your previously used routes in the app before running it again.

It works the same as most other running apps, like Nike+. You can listen to any music you like, turn on/off the voice that encourages you and tells you how far you’ve gone in a certain amount of time.  You can also track your meals in the Nutrition section which is a plus. I don’t use this part (mainly because I’m too lazy), but it’s still nice to know I have the option of tracking my runs and meals in the same app.

Bottom line: if you’re a runner using a different app, you might want to try this one. If you think yours is better, please share! And if you’re not a runner, go download this app and get running. Your body will thank you later 🙂