Yogi Tea

I LOVE THIS TEA! But it has proven to be playing hard to get with me. I first discovered the Throat Comfort tea at work over the summer when I had a cold and my throat was super sore. When I saw the label I thought, “okay, sure…’throat comfort’…probably just regular tea…” But let me tell you…it is much better than regular tea.

This tea does exactly what it claims to do. It ‘coats and soothes the throat’ so well you won’t even remember it was sore in the first place. I remember thinking that I need to buy some of my own for the next time I have a cold. And so that’s what I tried to do, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding it in grocery stores.

The website says it’s sold in Safeway, Target, etc. so I checked Target and I found the Yogi brand but not this specific type. I won’t give up my search, but I may just end up ordering it online. And that is fine by  me because it’s worth it to get this miracle tea.

I’m curious to try the other Yogi teas because I’m sure they are probably all miraculous, but I’ll have to find somewhere to buy them first. Will keep everyone posted when I find a reliable carrier. Unless anyone already knows?


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