Sock Buns

Just look at all of these cute sock buns! I have a slight obsession with these, but how can you not? They’re so simple but so chic. Talk about a quick fix for a bad hair day…

Sock buns are easier to do than you might think. All you need is an old long sock, some scissors, a ponytail holder and your hair! First you use the old sock to create your ‘donut,’ and then you can roll up your bun. There are TONS of video tutorials and diagrams on how to make both the donut and the bun. Here’s a good one:

To summarize, you cut your long sock horizontally at the ankle, so it’s just a straight tube with holes on both ends. Then you roll it inside itself (kind of like how you roll a normal pair of socks together) until turns into a donut shape. Once you have your donut, set it aside and put your hair into a regular ponytail at the height you want your bun. Next, take the donut and wrap it around your ponytail and pull the tail through like you do with a hair tie. Pull the donut to the very tip of your ponytail and spread the ends of your hair around the donut as best as you can. Then start rolling the donut down your ponytail, wrapping your hair in it. Go slow at first, as hairs will likely fall out and you’ll need to tuck them back in so you don’t mess up the bun. Once you’ve reached the base of your ponytail, you should have a beautiful sock bun. Viola!


Talking Pretty

I told you it would happen! The makeup tips post has been reincarnated into a fashion tips post. Here are three fashion tips that I live by and am ever grateful I learned.

The Sorority Girl Rule

I’m generally not a big fan of sorority girl fashion tips, but this is one every girl MUST know. It’s really simple: when dressing (especially dressing up to go out), you have to choose one: boobs or legs.

If you’re wearing a short skirt, cover up your cleavage. If you’re wearing a low cut top, wear jeans or something that covers your legs and butt sufficiently. Showing both legs and boobs is trashy and makes you look like you’re trying too hard. So don’t do it.

The Ankle Rule

Fun fact: wearing shoes or pants that cover  your ankles automatically makes you look shorter. Exposing them makes you look taller.

If you’re wearing skinny jeans and sandals and feel like too much is going on around your ankles, roll your jeans up to be ankle jeans and you’ll instantly appear taller. Wearing wedges with skinnies and want to up the effect? Same thing. It works wonders.

The Balancing Act

A quick way to look overdone-up is to have on too many colors and patterns between your clothes and your accessories. Wear bright accessories with neutral-colored clothes and neutral accessories with bright clothes.

Also: treat makeup as an accessory. Don’t go crazy with bold colors unless you’re outfit is toned down and/or it’s night time. Keeping a good balance between bolds and neutrals will make you look stylish but not overdressed.