There’s so much to love about water. It’s pretty much all I drink, it keeps me clean, cools me off and gives me an excuse to stay inside and watch movies all day. Let’s take a second to send a big thank you to water.

There are far too many benefits of water to count, let alone list here (although I wish I could). But I wanted to mention a few of my favorite benefits that I, like many other water lovers, get to live with every day!

Here is why you should love water as much as I do:

  • It keeps you balanced and healthy. As you have probably read in six thousand other places, drinking enough water each day keeps your body happy. Staying hydrated is very important, even when you aren’t working out or sweating, and most people are not as hydrated as they should be.
  • It helps you lose weight. If you drink the right amount of water every day (approx. 8 glasses or 64 oz. a day, although this varies by sex and body type), you will eat less food. In fact, most of the time you feel hungry, you are actually just thirsty. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you fuller, allowing you to eat less during meals and snacks. And if you do the math, eating less = consuming fewer calories (and replacing them with your new zero-calorie best friend) = losing weight!
  • It clears your skin. Let’s think about this one. What does water do best? It cleanses. And I’m not talking about when you wash your face with it. Water cleanses your body from the inside just as much as it does from the outside. Consuming more water can help flush the nasty toxins that build up under your skin and cause breakouts.
  • It prevents kidney problems down the line. Drinking more means peeing more and peeing more means you are less prone to infections, bladder and kidney diseases, kidney stones, etc. Got it? Now go pee.

Yes, adding more water to your diet may make you visit the bathroom a lot more often than you’re used to. Your co-workers might think you’re crazy (like mine probably do), but at least you are staying healthy! Leave them to their dehydrated lives and continue on with yours, knowing you will probably outlive them (maybe).


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