L’Oreal EverCreme Leave-In Spray

I use this spray as leave-in conditioner on the days I don’t wash my hair (I wash it every other day). I’ll dampen my hair after my shower and spray this all over it to give it some moisture and make it smell like I did wash it. I have naturally curly/wavy hair (see my picture), so this stuff works wonders on keeping frizz down and revamping my flattened curls from the night before. And it smells delicious!

I also use L’Oreal EverStrong shampoo/conditioner. Sometimes I used EverCurl, but it all works great and smells great. L’Oreal is the cheapest I’ll go for hair products because my hair is picky and can be hard to manage since its thick and gets frizzy. L’Oreal’s conditioners are thick (unlike some other brands), so it doesn’t take as much to moisturize my hair and detangle it in the shower.

Curly-haired friends: this is a must try. Any other products you swear by for your curls?


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