Oil Cleansing Method

Before I even begin talking about this, I want to give full credit to The Healthy Diaries for introducing me to this miraculous discovery. Thank you!

I know it sounds backwards, but the Oil Cleansing Method is a way to wash your face. Its recommended for people who have tried every face wash on the market and still have acne problems and spots on their skin. That’s how I found out about it OCM, and that’s why I gave it a try. I figured, well nothing else has worked, so might as well. And at first I didn’t see much of a result, but after I’ve been washing my face with this method for a while, I can definitely see results.

Here’s how it works:

Oil combats oil. This means that using oils (the right ones, mind you) to wash your face every night will actually dissolve the bad oils that have built up on your skin all day. Washing away the bad oils with soap or regular face wash will naturally cause your skin to start producing more oil, to make up for what was stripped away with the soap. But washing with oils will dissolve the bad oils without causing your skin to think it needs to produce more. So, your skin will not overproduce oil, which is what causes acne.

Using the oils also naturally moisturizes your skin. This is an added benefit because I used to always put a little moisturizer on after washing my face at night, but I would hate knowing I’m going to bed with lotion clogging my freshly cleaned pores. With the OCM, I don’t feel the need for moisturizer after I wash, so: problem solved!

And if you’re wondering about makeup removal, the oils will also take care of that. It works great actually, equal to if not better than makeup remover. So we’ve eliminated the need to purchase face wash, night time moisturizer and makeup remover. Feeling richer yet?

The Ingredients

Personally, I used cold-pressed Castor oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil because that’s what The Healthy Diaries recommended, and it has worked wonderfully.

The Castor oil works best for pulling dirt and makeup out of your pores and the EVOO is a moisturizer with the same PH as your skin.

Make sure the Castor oil is COLD PRESSED. You can find it on Amazon or at stores like the Vitamin Shoppe. Grocery store EVOO will do.

The Formulas

Normal Skin: use 1:1 ratio (1 tbsp Castor, 1 tbsp EVOO)

Acne-prone skin (what I have): 3:1 ratio (3 tbsp Castor, 1 tbsp EVOO)

Dry skin: 1:3 ratio (1 tbsp Castor, 3 tbsp EVOO)

The Routine

1. Run your faucet with the hot water turned all the way up. When it gets warm, splash some on your face, then apply about a tsp of your oil mixture to your face.

*I use an empty face wash container that came with a pump to make it easier to apply my oil mixture.

2. Rub the oil in well all around your face and under your chin for 30 seconds while the water continues to heat up.

3. After 30 seconds, soak a washcloth in the hot running water and wring it out a little, so its not dripping but is still wet. Lay the washcloth over your face and let it sit so it can steam out the dirt from your pores. Remove after about 10 seconds, then rewet and begin dabbing the rest of the oil off your face.

*Don’t scrub with the washcloth, just gently dab!

4. Make sure you are drying your face on a clean towel, not the one you use for your mouth and hands. I use my bath towel.

*You only need to use the OCM at night. Just rinse your face with warm water in the morning. I use an exfoliating face wash once a week (in the morning), and an exfoliating face mask once or twice a week (depending on if I remember on the weekend).

My acne has decreased tremendously so far. I rarely get a pimple or two here and there, but nothing like what I had. Please note I didn’t have AWFUL acne, but it was pretty bad around my chin and around my mouth. My skin is much smoother and clearer now!

*Also note: Don’t rely solely on this method for clear, healthy skin. Drinking enough water (8 cups a day) will work wonders on clearing your skin as well. I also started drinking a lot more water and truly believe this and my use of the OCM are to thank for my improved skin. And the best part is its all natural and a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a thousand face products!


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