McGillin’s Olde Ale House

As I continue exploring the bar world now that I’ve become legal, I want to share my favorite ones here. McGillin’s in Philadelphia was one of the first bars I went to as a newly-turned 21-year-old and I loved it!

 My best friend and I road tripped it up to Philly for my birthday weekend for a concert and went to McGillin’s after the show. A friend’s mom recommended the bar to us because she lived in Philly during grad school, and said McGillin’s was the best. It was February and FREEZING but the bar was packed and alive with young people, Christmas lights, and Valentine’s Day/Mardi Gras decorations.

The bar has two floors, and both were crowded. We met some interesting people and drank delicious drinks before we moved on to another bar/club around the corner (which wasn’t nearly as good; I honestly don’t even remember the name of it). I’m not a big beer person, but McGillin’s offered local beers, so my friend tried one of them and she liked it.

We didn’t get a chance to try the food at McGillin’s, but I’d imagine its great. One of the best bar atmosphere’s I’ve experience (not that there have been many so far, but still). If you’re ever in Philly, I suggest checking it out. And if you don’t trust me, maybe you’ll trust the bar’s slogan: “the oldest and best Irish bar pub in Philadelphia.”


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