Stupid and Contagious

This book did a lot for me. It inspired my career path (PR), it made me realize I like funny books the best and it introduced me to new music. If you’re going to ask a lot from a book, this one will likely cater to your needs.

It’s about a girl who works in PR but gets fired by an asshole, and then has to work in a restaurant until she finds a new job. She gets a new neighbor in the process, who works for a failing record label and befriends him in a strange but adoring way. She also gets a dog, which she saves from the street. I won’t spoil the end, but she eventually gets back into PR and becomes a stronger person.

The hilarious author, Caprice Crane, is passionate about music, which is why she ties in so many song titles and artists throughout the book. If you look up all the songs she mentions, which I did, you end up with a pretty cool playlist from the 90s. You might also realize, like I did, that PR sounds like the coolest job ever. And that you should absolutely rescue a pet. And be a dick to people who deserve it. And never ever work in a restaurant.


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